Introduction to the Western Esoteric Tradition and Banishing Rituals


Introduction to Banishing Rituals


  •  The western esoteric tradition uses western symbols. These can be Arthurian symbols, like pulling the sword from the stone as a symbol of personal growth, Egyptian gods or the archangels.
  • These are wisdom traditions that are focused on bringing out and developing human understanding, patience, insight and clarity of thought. The wisdom traditions is a hard concept to grasp for a hypercapitalist culture with a short attention span.
  • These rituals will bring the “hero” out of you. It is the alchemical way of bringing out your best self and inner hero and shedding your bad habits.
  • Magick is a very precise science. In the technical language of magick, you can have right and wrong answers. It is not the new age idea that everything is correct as long as it feels good.


Introduction to the Hermetic Qabalah and How the Golden Dawn Rituals Interact With It

  • The Hermetic Qabalah can be viewed as a map of how the eternal can manifest into the material. Similar in a way although much more complicated to the Hindu chakra system. A conceptual map on how everything in the universe fits together.
  • The theory in the Qabalah is that everything in nature can be reduced to the numbers 1-10 and the paths between them. The paths between are mapped to the major arcana of the tarot.
  • Banishing rituals work on the bottom 5. The bottom 5 covered by banishing rituals include the visible world and everything around you. The world of dreams and fantasy of feelings and emotions. 8 – Pure logic and intellect. Love, nature, relationship and human deep love. Intuition, emotion, feelings and empathy.
  • It is concerned with the honing, healing and raising a human personality in light, love, life and liberty.


What Do You Need to do Banishing Rituals?

  • Nothing is thrown into these rituals for no reason, nothing is arbitrary. Everything has a precise reason for being used.
  • You can do the hexagram ritual with no items .But to create a temporary temple setup you can get these items, a magical robe which you put on only for the ceremony’s, an altar, a round rug or cord to make a circle and


The Altar Setup and the Magician Card of the Tarot

  • The altar is setup with a disc or pentacle which represents earth, A dagger that will represent the air and intellect, A cup that will represent intuition and water and a wand that will represent fire and will. You can create these items on your own using Golden Dawn methods.
  • You can also use much simpler objects that are used to represent these. . The pentacle can be a plate with some salt on it, the cup can be any old cup with some water in it, the dagger can be a stick of incenses or a feather and the wand could be a lighter or matches. v
  • These items do have to be setup in a particular order. The altar should always face east always; this means you should face east when looking at the altar, and the altar will be in front of you..
  • The dagger should be placed in the east quarter of the platform because the east is associated with the element air. The cup goes in the west quadrant for water. The wand goes in the north for fire, and the pentacle goes in the south quadrant for the earth.
  • On the floor around you, ideally at a diameter of nine feet you want a circle you. The circle can be drawn in chalk, or be a piece of rope or even salt. During the banishing ritual, this is the space that you are banishing. For the ritual, you do not leave the circle, and nothing else comes in.


Working With the Elements 


Banishing Rituals


  • You can still learn the banishing rituals without a circle or tools, but they will help you learn the process.
  • contains an excellent summary.
  • Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, what this does is centre you, opens up Christ consciousness and banishes the four elements in their diluted form. It banishes any malefic influence on those elements and harmonises them. It invokes divine protection.
  • The process of mastering the elements is the process of mastering your life. Humanity has beaten back the savagery of nature and earth; we have learned shelter and created civilisation. Now the individual must master the elements in their lives.


Why do a Banishing Ritual? Strengthening the Aura!

  • Can be done as an an all-purpose Swiss army knife ritual to clear the decks and get rid of any strange energy’s.
  • Or you can do it constantly to strengthen your aura and reinforce and initiate the evolutionary processes of the system.
  • Two times a day, morning and night are a good practice to have. You may want to start out slow, one a week, to see how things go.


The Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

  • When performing the ritual, you must be free from all distractions and interruptions.  Get into position standing at your altar. None of this ritual is done sitting; it is all done standing while facing the altar.
  • contains a useful summary.
  • You reach out for the highest ideal, highest truth or purity in the universe that you can conceptualise at this point.  You will need to intuitively find your way there.
  • Once you get your mind to that place, you raise your right hand and draw down a line of white light to your brow chakra. Do this with your wand or otherwise with two fingers.
  • Imagine your head activating in a sphere of white light. You will now enable vibrating words. You will now vibrate the word “ATEH”. “ATEH” means “Though art.”
  • Vibrating words is a way of expressing a word with your full breath so that it shakes the entire body. Think of Tibetan monks chanting. Eventually, you will be able to vibrate the part of your body that you are touching.
  • The next part is formulating the cabalistic cross. The Hebrew necessarily translates to the lord’s prayer  You can think of this as a more advanced version of crossing yourself.
  • You now draw from your head and chakra brown down to the centre of your heart. Imagine your heart opening to a petal or rose of light.
  • Then trace the light down to your groin and point downwards towards your feet.  Visualise the line continuing to your feet and a ball of light on your feet. Now vibrate the word “Malkuth”. This means “The Kingdom.”
  • Follow the line of light back up to your heart and touch it again and imagine it opening in love and light.
  • Trace over to your right shoulder and visualise a ball of light and vibrate the word “ve-Geburah”. This means “The Power”. Vibrate till you can feel it in the shoulder.
  • Trace back and touch the heart in your opening centre.
  • Trace to your left shoulder and visualise another ball of light there and vibrate the word “Ve-Gedulah”. This means “The Glory”.
  • Now take your hands and fold them at your heart in a prayer position. This is the rose cross.  Visualise your heart opening like a rose. Vibrate the word ” Le-Olahm, Amen”. This means “To the Ages, Amen”.
  • Up to this point, we have now cantered ourselves, opened up the heart centre, activated and protect our aura. The next section is the actual pentagram.
  • Now walk clockwise to the eastern most point of your circle and facing east.  Here you will draw a pentagram in the air with your dagger and visualise it being written in blue fire.  You start at the bottom left-hand corner of the pentagram and draw clockwise which will have you finish in the bottom left-hand corner.
  • You must visualise the blue flame until it is real in your mind’s eye.
  • Now perform the ritual of the enterer. This will align you with the god Horus. Bring your hands up to cup your ears while you breathe in all the energy of the universe. Then exhale throwing your hands forward and your left foot forward while you vibrate name as follows.
  • Now you will vibrate the word of the Tetragrammaton. “J H V H”. This is the ineffable name of God.
  • You then move clockwise from east to south, draw another pentagram, do the sign of the enterer but this time, vibrate the word “A D N I”
  • You then move clockwise from east to west, draw another pentagram, do the sign of the enterer but this time, vibrate the word “A H I H”
  • You then move clockwise from east to north, draw another pentagram, do the sign of the enterer but this time, vibrate the word “A G L A”
  • These are pronounced:  Ye-ho-wau, Adonai, Eheieh, Agla.
  • You now call in the four archangels. Do this by facing your Altar and vibrate “Before me Raphael”, Behind me “Gabriel”, On my right hand “Michael.” On my left hand “Auriel”.
  • Then say “For about me flames the Pentagram, And in the Column stands the six-rayed Star.”
  • After this perform the Qabalistic cross again.


The Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram


Benefits of Regular Practice of Banishing Rituals; Invoking and Banishing Ritual Forms 


Banishing Ritual



The Rose Cross Ritual

  • When you do these rituals, you are “lighting yourself up on the Astral”. The Rose Cross banishing ritual can lead to synchronicities in your life. The rose cross ritual mitigates this as it makes you invisible on the Astral.

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