Introduction to Chaos Magick



The Principles and History of Chaos Magick


General Theory—What is Magick? 

  • Magick is a set of techniques for changing your consciousness and changing the way you interface with the world.  
  • Magick is the art and science of conforming change in your consciousness.  
  • Magick is a form of discipline and a way of approaching life to become the best version of you.  


The Western Esoteric Tradition and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

  • Most Magick is superstition, but they are not methods for legitimately changing your consciousness.
  • When we talk about Magick we are referring to the western magical tradition as started by The Golden Dawn.
  • The Golden Dawn assembled a system from masonry, qabalah, tarot cards and Enochian Magick. They assembled it into an incredibly complex system of changing consciousness from a base level to a higher level of spiritual awareness.


 Shamanism: The Roots of the World-Tree

  • Shamanism is the idea of having direct contact with other worlds and brining information back to the tribe.
  • Magick and Shamanism reject the notion that reality is defined by others and rather gives you the tools to define it for yourself.


Aleister Crowley, the Fall of the Golden Dawn, the Birth of Thelema and the Rise of Chaos Magick

  • A famous member of the golden dawn was Aleister Crowley, he quickly advanced through the grades but became disenfranchised with it. Thought it was more of a social club.
  • Left the group and travelled in Asia and studied with his teacher Alan Bennet and became a Buddhists and learned yoga techniques for altering consciousness.
  • These were stronger that western symbolic methods of changing consciousness as yoga uses physical techniques like pranayama.

  • Crowley founded Thelema and focused on the strengthening will power.
  • Crowley wanted people to become masters of all human knowledge and masters of themselves.


Core Chaos Magick Theory


The Unbreakable Core of Human ConsciousnessThe Atman/Hadit

  • Chaos Magick is Magick boiled down to the bare essentials. It is essentially using a symbol set, taken from religion or created by yourself to produce a particular change in your consciousness.
  • The core of knowledge for every human being is the same.  This is known as the Atman. “Every man and woman is a star” – Crowley
  • A pure mystic or yoga path the idea is to get back to your core consciousness and have a direct experience with it.
  • All the external trappings of the world are Maya or the world of illusion.


The Vertical and Horizontal Axes of ManifestationSpirit and Matter

  • When manifesting the world, broadly oversimplified you have two axis.  Vertical and horizontal. Vertical is largely spirituality, the quest for the true self, the pursuit of the true will. Everyone at the core is the same but become the best version of yourself is growing on this axis.  This is the growth of all spiritual traditions are focused on developing.
  • The horizontal is everything in the day to day physical world. Your body, your car, getting a job. This is everything to deal with Matter.  This is unavoidable, even if you live in a monastery on a hill.
  •  Most spiritual people are only interested in the vertical axis; everyone else is most interested in the materialistic horizontal access.
  • A Westerner will find it tough to become a pious monk as we have no tradition of this lifestyle. They will need to balance this two axis.  This is why Chaos Magick is a western hermetic tradition.
  • It is not about embracing one or the other. You want to expand fully yourself. Not at the expense of others, not thinking that you will be better than others, but just to become the best and most expanded version of yourself.


The Law of Karma and Intersecting Realities

  • Remember as you are enacting this in the world, everybody else is doing the same thing. AS you practice your Magick so are others as they interface with reality and undergo their personal initiation and life.
  • Magick does not give you any special licence to interact with the world that other people cannot. You are still subject to the laws of Karma.
  • Magick does not give you power over other people; it gives you power over yourself to become the person you would like to become.
  • You do not gain the ability to interfere in the lives of others, only your own.  You can only do Magick on yourself, not on other people.
  • Lead by example.  The successful change made in your behaviour will have a ripple on effect in the world.


Fundamentals of Chaos Magick Practice


The Magickal Record

  • The first thing needed is a Magickal record. Something that can be written in that our Magickal process can be drawn up in .
  • This is a notebook, it will become sacred to you, but you can buy any book to use. It is not what book you purchase or use that will matter but rather how you use it and what you use it for that will make it sacred.
  • When you wake up every morning, the first thing you should write into your Magickal record is everything you can remember of your dreams.


Setting of Intention and Dedication of Merit

  • Write out a clear intention as for why you are doing Magick in your Magickal record . Make sure this is very clear. Can be along the lines of “I am doing Magick to become my true self” – ” I am doing this Magickal practice so that I might benefit all sentient beings positively”. “I am doing magic to become truly aligned with my true self.”


Establishing the Foundations of a Meditation Practice

  • This is crucial. Before getting into anything else you need discipline. You must put in place daily meditation.
  • Start at 5 minutes and work up to 30 minutes daily.
  • Sit, keep still and focus between your eyebrows. 5 minutes a day for the first week, the next week do 10 minutes.
  • Once you build the daily meditation discipline, many flow on benefits will happen.  This is building mental muscles.
  • Write this down in your Magickal record your start and stop meditation times.


Putting it Together

  • Keep a record. Write down your dreams. Set your intent. Meditate daily.
  • If you get this essential practice together, you are already doing more than the majority of people who claim to be spiritual practitioners.
  • If you keep it up, you will start having stronger dreams and deeper insights in your meditations. An element of luck can be involved in this as to exactly how quickly this will happen.


The 4 Powers of the Sphinx

  • Don’t brag about doing this. Especially in the early stages. Do not dress up and go around telling people about this. It is supposed to be a deeply internal process. Keep it hermetically sealed.
  • Do not get an ego about this and do not shove it in people’s faces. Just go about your practice quietly and naturally.
  • Do not reveal to people whatever powerful symbols may be coming to you.
  • The 4 Powers of the Sphinx: TO WILL. TO DARE. TO KNOW. TO KEEP SILENT.
  • Let the results speak for themselves.


Ritual Construction


Beginnings of Chaos Magick Ritual

  • Magick is not a fix for everything. “The easiest way to open a door magickally is to go over and turn the handle. “
  • It is always better to set clear and well-defined goals of what you want to achieve.
  • “Be careful what you wish for” Be clear and well defined, so you minimise the risk of unintended consequences.
  • Safety Check: Does it interfere with anyone else’s path in life? Do not attempt to force anything on anyone.
  • Whatever your request ask why you would need Magick to achieve it and why you have not done it without Magick already?
  • This can involve a lot of self-analysis and journaling as you bring subconscious blockages to the surface. This is an important part of Magick, because as you think about it, you will start to remove these obstacles.


Constructing Chaos Magick Sigils as Psychological Back-Doors

  • We create a sigil which is a condensed shorthand symbol that will represent our goal and intent.
  • We do this because if we just state our intent at a psychological level, our mind will rationalise ways that this cannot be achieved when it hits your conscious filter.
  • The sigil will give us a back door method to get our intent into our unconscious mind.
  • To create the sigil, write the sentence of your intent and take out all the vowels.
  • The next step is to take then out any repeating consonants.
  • You then take the remaining letters and move their position, so they form a symbol. Make it look Magickal. This is the beginning of a sigil.
  • You can then refine it to make it look more artistic, by simplifying it. Keep doing this until it feels right.
  • You can also create an incantation by taking the letters and scrambling them around.
  • You now have your Magickal symbol or phrase. At this stage you need to forget your original intent and what the symbol means. The meaning is all left up to your unconscious mind to translate.
  • You may want to leave the symbols on a shelf for a few weeks to help you forget. You need to forget the meaning for the Magick to work.
  • You will still record the intention in your Magickal Journal and then cover it up so you can check if the intent has worked.


Altered States Modes of Excitatory  and Inhibitory Ecstasis

  • You now need to get into an altered state of consciousness to get into so we can imprint our sigil on ourselves.
  • You need to get into an altered state where your conscious mind shuts down. There are two ways o do this overloading the nervous system.
  • By excitement like dancing, sex, over breathing, intense exercise, drumming, primal screaming.
  •  Or inhibiting the nervous system by fasting, meditation, sensory deprivation tank, sleep deprivation, long silences, tai chi, gazing


Putting the Pieces TogetherRitual Construction

  • You use whatever ritual you have come up with to get into an altered state until your conscious mind shuts off and you can burn your sigil into your nervous system. You are overloading your mind with just the one thought of your sigil or mantra.
  • The theory is that it will program your unconscious to become more aware of opportunities to achieve the goals of the sigil.
  • This will appear like something is slowly manifesting itself into your life slowly. It will not appear and just be given to you straight away. It is a process of steering you towards your desired direction.


The Structure of Chaos MagickHow to Order and Script Your Ritual

  • Breaking down the basic pattern of a ritual. Banishing: Learn the On the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This clears the decks and prepares you.
  • State Intent: Makes a firm declaration of what you want to achieve. With you sigil you can state it’s your will to manifest it into reality.
  • Begin Ecstasy: Begin whatever means you have chosen.
  • Visualisation: Visualise your sigil.
  • Release:  Push it till you hit a crescendo. You will have to use intuition to know when you have reached this point. Release the sigil into the void of subconsciousness.
  • Banish: Again to clear the decks.
Peace Love and Raging Waters,
Sonny Brown