Always remember …


Now on to the techniques:

How to safely practice a flying Armbar.

A rolling baseball choke

A sweep from de la riva.

A sweep called the 200% Sweep that starts in full guard and moves to the truck.

Guillotine setup from the back.

Reverse De La Riva to back.

De La Riva guard pass.

A guard pass from Z guard.

A 50/50 guard pass.

A triangle choke setup from a hip bump sweep.

Spiderweb to an Ankle lock.

Taking the back from side control.

Lapel guard to back.

A sweep from half guard.

How to pull into a leg lock.

An open guard pass.

A stomping choke from guard using your foot.

Kesa Gatame to Keylock with your legs.

Omoplata from Lasso guard.

Kesa Gatame to Guillotine Choke

Deep half to rolling back take (Samurai roll)

Kimura and triangle from closed duard.

A lapel choke from turtle.

Guillotine from bottom half guard.

Side control Escapes.

Hip bump sweep to kimura.

Kesa Gatame arm trap to triangle.