James Kraus Cage ControL NOTES

Holding the position

Combination Pressure:

  • Hip pressure and driving with the feet.
  • Create a constant drive to the wall as if you are lifting them up.
  • Ideally you get shoulders square on the wall.


  • One underhook is great, two is better.
  • Nearside underhook is the goal.

Attacking the Legs

Double Leg:

  • Looking to square opponents hips up.
  • Step behind and lift.
  • Either Head inside or outside.

Knee Pick:

  • Looking for hips square and knees together.
  • Head inside double, cup knee & rotate in to join hands.

The Twister:

  • Pop opponent up.
  • Then drop and circle on opponent.

Super Duck:

  • When opponent gives a really wide base.
  • Reach for far ankle to bait opponent to grab wrist and shift weight.
  • Hit duck under on one knee and drive back in for single or double.

Bump and Dump:

  • Setup off the knee pick if you don’t want to come all the way back up.
  • Collar tie after to move off the fence.

Takedown to Open Mat:

  • If opponent is using whizzer to stand you might want to take to open mat.

Single Leg:

  • Run the Pipe

Single Leg lift:

  • If opponent shelf leg and make run the pipe unavailable.

Single Leg Lift to Inside Trip:

  • If the initial Lift & Trip doesn’t work.

Attacking the Body

Body Lock Trip – DC 1:

  • Attacking the legs first, but if get pulled or transition  to a body lock
  • Want shoulders of opponent square to wall
  • Step behind opponents near leg and pull down while reaping the leg at the same time.

Body Lock Trip – DC 2:

  • After DC1 If opponent steps back behind.
  • Drive hips into inside space and rotate, while lifting knee to rotate opponent on one foot.

Hip Bump Trip:

  • Off DC2 if opponent circles out and posts legs.
  • Pop hips into opponent and foot sweep or hook posted leg.

Body Lock Lift:

  • Option off DC 1 or Two when hip is on the inside.
  • Pull opponent off wall to reclasp grip right behind opponents back.
  • Knee steps into inside space to lift and turn opponent.

Body Lock Lift with Whizzer:

– Combined with DC 1. Dilemma between Takedown and Back.

  • If cant reap leg for DC 1
  • Crash hip behind opponent and slide knee behind opponents.
  • If opponent gives up whizzer take the back.
  • If whizzer stays in walk feet into their hips to lift.


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