NSW BJJ Summer Cup 2014

NSW BJJ Summer Cup 2014

Hails !

I competed at the NSW BJJ Summer cup a few weeks back and was lucky enough to come away with 2 first place finishes and a 2nd place (Although i am still yet to receive the actual medals  for this, but that is another story. ) .

Below is the Videos of the Gold medal matches for the Purple Adult No Gi Open weight division and the Purple  Adult No Gi 79.5KG Division.

In the opens division i was very lucky to come up against my friend and training partner the 127KG heavyweight Karl King . I say lucky as we had been talking it up all week as to what would happen if we had to face each other , which is where the SMS messages have come from that you can see in the start of the video . Needless to say getting the win was very satisfying .

NSW BJJ Summer Cup 2014 – Purple Belt No Gi Open Weight Division – Gold Medal Match


NSW BJJ Summer Cup 2014 – Purple Belt No Gi 79.5KG – Gold Medal Match

Now hopefully they end up sending me the medals for these divisions !

Peace, love and raging waters,
Sonny Brown


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