Terence McKenna quotes PlatoTerence McKenna quotes Plato:

Plato said the key lay in the concepts of the good, the true and the beautiful.

The Good, what is it ?

Tricky , tricky … tricky

The True, what is it ?

Trickier … even trickier.

The Beautiful, what is it ?

The Beautiful is EASY to discern.


Terence McKennna

If you want a teacher. Try a waterfall.

Go towards the true enough and set your compass towards beauty.!

Beauty is downloaded into the cultural operating system via dreams. Beauty is found within dreams. Go towards beauty and life and hope will follow. 

The simultaneous project of awakening and the simultaneous project of entering deeper into the dream for the purposes of cultivating, evoking, experiencing, remembering, transmitting and communicating BEAUTY which feeds into the awakening process. Otherwise the awakening will be traumatic and demoralising. It MUST be empowering. 

Evoke, realise and serve the project of bringing ever greater amounts of beauty into the world.

Peace, Love and Raging Waters,
Sonny Brown


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