The notes you will read below are taken from “The Deepest Truth in Human Existence” Eckhart Tolle lecture:

  • Humans have been trapped for many thousands of years in an egoic sense of self. They derive the sense of who they are from the content of their mind, It begins with your name, your name is “The basket into which further experience and content to which accumulates content” it becomes the receptacle for experience and knowledge that is accumulated, for successes , defeats, suffering , relationships, all those things gradually from the whole , that is the me, that is a mentally derived sense of self.
  • Imagine for a moment that you don’t have a name. How does that feel? Imagine that “basket” doesn’t hold together anymore. What is there if you are not the name and that which is accumulated in that receptacle?
  • A name is just sounds, an image in the head, that is me? What is left when that goes and you are comfortable when it goes.
  • Left is simply a field of awareness.
  • The story you have been telling yourself in the head of who you are becoming unimportant, you do not give yourself an identity from what is based in the head. Which is accumulated experience and knowledge and sense of self-derived from the mind?
  • The feeling of not being complete is an essential ingredient in the fictitious sense of self.
  • The attempt to “finish” yourself on the level of the story in your head is futile.
  • You don’t need to wait for your death approaching to know who you are beyond your mental image of who you are.
  • Why are we here? To undergo voluntarily the death of the false sense of self-based on the mental picture.
  • Allow the story of “me” to come to an end, the sense of identity is no longer formed by the contents of your mind.
  • You are no longer a though based entity, thoughts still happen, but they no longer give you an identity.
  • The thought stream is only problematic if you derive your sense of self from it.
  • The world is full of miserable people who are looking for more unhappy experiences to strengthen their sense of self.
  • The mind pattern: “Please give me more future and time so that I can know myself”. It is a delusion to believe you need time to find yourself. Once this delusion is firmly established all further action, thought and aims are coloured and distorted by that delusion and all become an expression of that delusion.
  • Stress is when you are in conflict with this moment.
  • When we see the madness in self-seeking though future, of self-seeking through further content, then we are one step closer to freedom.
  • You can not “figure out” what presence is. It is a state of consciousness not based on the content.
  • Presence is the sense of space that surrounds whatever content their is in your life. The truth is not in the words, the words only point, do not accumulate the phrase, you can’t take them home with you nor do you need to, you are the truth. The words only point to that spaciousness inside of you.
  • That spaciousness you bring to every sense perception, but you don’t “bring” it, it is already their. When you look at something, and their is no mental noise around it when you look at something like a flower and do not label it, just notice it is there. Notice how still it is. The mind has no knowledge of stillness; the mind is noise. See the flower lives in a state of profound stillness when you see it in a flower then that deep stillness in you. The noticing of it in a flower is the arising of that deep stillness within you. It is formless that arises in you. The formless consciousness.
  • In many things you DO need the mind, EXCEPT for knowing who you are.
  • You must see the spaciousness and silence around anger, this is more difficult that noticing the same things around a flower, but the same principles are at work.
  • Become aware of the now itself. Become conscious of an undercurrent of stillness in which everything happens. You sense it. You realize you ARE it. You ARE that deep undercurrent of stillness. The world is no longer problematic.
  • The future is no longer threatening or promising you deal with it, without seeking an identity within it. Its a simple, effortless doing.
  • When you are no longer seeking yourself in past or future, you can honour and embrace the now, what is. Through that embrace, you know the spaciousness that is around the form that is there.
  • When the new consciousness arises you do not become unique, you become quite ordinary. The need to become extraordinary is self-seeking.
  • If you are unhappy, say yes to your unhappiness, it’s not that bad to be unhappy. I don’t mind being unhappy. This is the power of surrender, the power of the yes.
  • Nothing that is is rejected denied or complained about, then more and more you will know who you are beyond that which arises in the now.
  • You are the spaciousness around all the events that occur in your life, and that state is peace.
  • The miracle is once you know who you are, and you cannot necessarily say anything about it, you know your essence and you know the nature in every other life form because you are one in your essence of every other life form. Then you look at the flower and recognise your soul in the flower. Then you see a cat and understand your nature in the cat. You know every life form as yourself manifested in a different form.
  • “The kingdom of heaven is within – Jesus, it is not “there” in space or time.
  • When you know each life form as yourself, that is called “love. That is an essential part of the new consciousness. You are then continually in a state of love.
  • Not the clingy egoic form of love, but the love of knowing the other as yourself.
  • Words spoken in the present have an energy that are charged by the energy of presence.
  • Spiritual discourse does not come from a person or accumulated knowledge. You know it when you hear it.
  • Things that arise from within allow it all so thoroughly that you can sense the now itself in which it happens as yourself. That’s the open secret.

I hope you enjoyed reading these notes and can put them to good use!

Warmest Regards,
Sonny Brown


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