I talk to Jonathan Brookins. Jonathan is a veteran of the WEC where he faced Jose Aldo and the UFC where he was the winner of The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 where Georges St Pierre coached him along with assistant coaches Firas Zahabi and John Danaher.

Jonathan stood out in the show as being a unique & thoughtful personality, very humble and kind, and his life outside of fighting is equally compelling. We discuss his early days fighting in Florida, his time in the Ultimate Fighter house and his decision to take a break from the UFC to travel to India to attend a silent meditation retreat. While there he helped a group of local children go to school and unfortunately had a scare as a snake bit him. We also discuss his battles with addiction and his fascination with the mystic, and philosopher George Gurdjieff and the valuable lessons that he takes from martial arts practice and applies to life.

Jonathan also has a podcast called “The Work” and can be followed on Instagram @jonathanxbrookins.

Podcast Transcript – Episode 020


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