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I talk to jiu-jitsu black belt Luke Martin in this episode of The Sonny Brown Breakdown. Luke provides insights into transitioning his academy’s (Sydney West Martial Arts) focus to no-gi training only. He discusses the major influence John Danaher has had on his coaching philosophy and leglock techniques. Luke also explains how online private lessons years ago helped progress his own skills and his students’ abilities. He talks about his upcoming training trips to the US and how he gathers as much knowledge as possible to bring back to his students in Australia. Tune in to hear Luke’s passion for creating high-level grapplers at his academy.

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Topics Discussed

Transitioning to No-Gi Training

Luke discusses his decision to switch his adult classes at his academy to no-gi only. He feels no-gi training is better preparation for submission grappling competitions like ADCC. He believes the gi teaches techniques and grips that don’t translate well to no-gi. Luke aims to create the best no-gi grapplers possible at his academy.

The Influence of John Danaher

Luke talks about how training under John Danaher showed him the importance of focusing on no-gi and spending time on takedowns/wrestling. Luke believes John Danaher’s teaching methodology and deep understanding of grappling positions has made him the number one jiu-jitsu coach in the world.

Online Coaching with Jason Rau

Luke discusses how he started doing online private lessons with Jason Rau years ago, before it was common. This allowed Luke to continually learn the latest techniques and strategies at a high level. Luke credits this with much of his and his students’ progression over the years.

Preparing for Upcoming US Training Trips

Luke explains how he prepares for his upcoming training trips to the US. He aims to hyper focus on training and retain as much information as possible. Luke has specific techniques and questions planned to discuss with coaches like John Danaher. His priority is gathering knowledge to help his students, not socializing.

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I think if you’re making progression in any part of your life, like you should, you should look back at five years ago you and think you’re an idiot. I think that’s probably a good indicator you’re progressing at some degree of forward rate.

– Luke Martin

This is kind of culminating towards a longtime goal, which is to have trials winners, and then obviously, once we achieve that, then have the trials winners move forward to the World Championships and become medalists and take it out world champions.

– Luke Martin

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