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I talk to Luke Martin, a Jiu-Jitsu coach currently preparing his athletes for the ADCC world championships out of the New Wave Jiu-Jitsu camp in Texas with John Danaher, Gordon Ryan, Gary Tonon, Nicholas Meregali and the rest of the New Wave ADCC competitors. In a special emergency broadcast edition of the Sonny Brown Breakdown podcast, he gives us a rare insight into what that experience is like and how John Danaher prepares his athletes for the biggest competition in grappling. We also discuss how Luke transfers that coaching onto his athletes and gets into other facets of the competition preparation’s mental and physical side.

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Review Of The ADCC Oceana Trials

My overall assessment of the ADCC Trials is that I am satisfied but not happy. Now some gyms are happy if someone wins a gold medal in a grappling industries competition and that is fine. They just have a different measure of success. For me, it is different. I want to create the best no-gi grappler in Australia. To do this, I need my grapplers to compete in the ADCC Trials.

ADCC was like the benchmark, and I think it probably still is for most people to tell you the truth. So, as you know, Trials was our potential coming out party or was where we would look like a bunch of idiots making these statements and not being able to follow through.

On The Best No-Gi Grappling Gym

There is no one definitive answer to this question. People’s opinions will vary depending on who they know and what gym they train at. However, I think it is fair to say that our academy is doing well, and we are always looking for ways to improve. We are focused on becoming the best in the world, and we will not be satisfied until we achieve this goal.

Some people think that doing Jiu Jitsu once or twice a week is enough. But for the professionals, they are treating it like a career. This means they must work hard on their techniques behind the scenes. I have to look at things and figure out how we can make the most of their time so they can become as good as possible as quickly as possible.

On ADCC Specific Preparation

But the focus is very much ADCC style. Rather than normally don’t teach to just bring the entire team up with all levels, all parts of the game, as far as submissions and positions and whatever it is, it seems to be very heavily biased towards how you win an ADCC match.

If you think about how most ADCC matches one, it’s not necessarily by showing the team 25 different submissions, it’s probably by what’s the most likely way you’re going to be scored on? You sat down on your ass; how can you scramble not to be scored on from there? So it’s like a lot of how not to be beaten that seems to be a big focus.

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