Jozef Chen - Rapid Learning From Jiu-Jitsu Instructionals

I talk to Jozef Chen, a grappling phenom who recently took Bronze at the ADCC trials while only seventeen years old and relatively new to his jiu-jitsu training. We discuss how he gained his skill level at such a young age from using instructionals and drilling techniques in a conceptual style influenced by Rob Biernacki. After preparing for the ADCC trials at the B-Team in Texas with Craig Jones, we talk about what his experience was like grappling in that high-level training environment and how he plans on training and teaching going into the future.

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What I’ll try to do when I’m drilling is I’m not just drilling a technique on, a dummy who’s cooperating. I’ll try to vary the level of resistance, but I’ll also ask my partner. Okay. What do you think of this position? What do you think of this technique? What do you, what will you do here? What do you think I should do here?

Do you feel threatened? Do you feel like you’re gonna off-balance me? All these different prompts to try to get a better understanding of these positions and therefore use (the drilling and training partner) to build a better understanding.

– Jozef Chen

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